Safety of all users of the transportation system - people who drive, walk, bicycle, and ride the bus; as well as freight carriers - is a core function of all transportation agencies. Safety is a broad-ranging discipline that includes the design and operations of transportation facilities, human behavior, and legal issues. It is often classified around the "4E's" of traffic safety: engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency response/EMS. The cooperatively-developed plans listed below are data-driven and identify priority strategies across the 4 E's to reduce fatalities and serious injuries. For more information on these plans, please visit the websites using the links below or see the NYSAMPO Safety Fact Sheet. Additional resources are available through the NYSAMPO Safety Education Toolkit.

MPO transportation planners have a significant role to plan in safety, from establishing safety objectives in the long range plan, to reviewing and analyzing data to identify safety issues, to programming funds to implement solutions. The Safety Working Group has adopted as its mission "to advance initiatives intended to preserve, maintain, and improve traffic safety for all users in New York State." The group includes representatives of New York State's MPOs, New York State DOT, New York State Police, local law enforcement, Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, the Federal Highway Administration, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In 2018, NYSAMPO partnered with AAA, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), the Governors Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC), and the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC) to cobrand five bicycle safety education videos (Click here to access videos).

Alex Kone, GTC, Chair

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New York State Strategic Highway Safety Plan Webpage


NYS Governor's Traffic Safety Committee's (GTSC) Highway  Safety Strategic Plan 

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GTSC  Highway Safety Grant Program

Safety Working Group Goals

  1. Provide a forum for the exchange of safety planning information and ideas with New York State, federal, regional, local, and international safety partners.

  2. Collaborate with NYSDOT and other safety partners on New York State and federal safety initiatives.

  3. Provide training and technical support for MPO safety planning efforts.

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Traffic Cones

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Safety Education Toolkit

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