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Public Engagement Working Group

Lori Maher, GTC, Chair

Angelica Gonzalez, GBNRTC, Co-Chair

Jack Mance, A/GFTC

Brian Cohen, BMTS

Leigh McCullen, BMTS

Kathi Quiles, CRTC

Stephen Maples, CRTC

Mark Debald, DCTC

Emily Dozier, DCTC

Tara Grogan, DCTC

Kevin Meindl, ECTC

Mike Perry, ECTC

Courtney Taylor, ECTC

Olivia Lovejoy, ECTC

Amy Weymouth, GBNRTC

Adam Palmer, HOCTC

Julie Richmond, HOCTC

Fernando deAragon, ITCTC

Sherry Southe, NYMTC

Maura Fitzpatrick, NYMTC

Stephanie Brooks, NYMTC

Rossana Weitekamp, NYMTC

Alan Sorensen, OCTC

Jessica Ridgeway, OCTC

Jim D'Agostino, SMTC

Joey DiStefano, SMTC

Meghan Vitale, SMTC

Brian Slack, UCTC

Jennifer Docteur, WJCTC

Benjamin Fischer, FHWA

Kaylie Kramer, FHWA

Public engagement best practices include storytelling, using plain language, managing media and social media, and ensuring equitable and inclusive conversations and practices.

The Public Engagement Working Group brings together MPOs and New York State, federal, and other planning partners to network and stay informed about best practices in public engagement.

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USDOT Public Involvement


FHWA Virtual Public Involvement

Audience and Lecturer

AMPO Resources

Public Engagement Group Goals

  1. Provide a Forum for Sharing Best Practices: Hold bimonthly meetings via videoconference to share best practices, tools, and exchange ideas. Consider one in-person gathering per year. Share updates to state and federal guidance and regulations especially related to conducting public outreach for core work products.      

  2. Engage with Partners and Stakeholders: Collaborate with NYSAMPO Working Groups and seek opportunities to exchange knowledge and expertise.

  3. Produce Technical Guidance and Resources: Maintain digital references including shared file systems, links to best practices, and regularly post relevant resources to the Public Engagement Working Group page on the NYSAMPO website.

  4. Training: Provide training on key concepts and techniques for public engagement, including tools to engage with traditionally underrepresented groups.

2024 Meeting Minutes

2023 Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2023

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Click the image above to view the current Work Plan

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