This page offers links to safety education resources including outreach materials and design and policy guidance for NYS MPOs to use or adapt to their use. It addresses many outreach topics and guidance formats. Please click a button below to access a particular topic.


Strategic Highway Safety Plan 

Emphasis Areas

Road-User Behavior


Vulnerable Road Users

Lane Departures

Navigating New Infrastructure


Objectives & Strategies for Improving Safety at Unsignalized and Signalized Intersections (report)

Guidance for Roundabout Users (webpage)

How to Navigate Roundabouts (video)

(Source: FHWA)

(Source: NYSDOT)

(Source: PENNDOT)

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (webpage)

(Source: FHWA - MUTCD)

HAWK Signal (brochure)

(Source: NYSDOT)

Complete Streets/Share the Road


Street Safety Tips (brochure)

Tips for Being a Safe Pedestrian (poster)

Tips for Being a Safe Cyclist (poster)

(Source: Dutchess County, NY)

(Source: Dutchess County, NY)

(Source: Dutchess County NY)

Sharing the Road Safely (FAQs)

(Source: GTSC)

Complete Streets Educational Workshops

Info (webpage)

(Source: CDTC)

Active Transportation & Complete Streets Trainings (webpage)

(Source: NYBC)

Pedestrian Safety


New York State Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (webpage)

See! Be Seen! Campaign (webpage)

Pedestrian Safety (webpage)

(Source: New York State)

(Source: NYS Department of Health)

(Source: GTSC)

Bicycle Safety


Sprocket Man (comic books, posters, slides)

(Source: Stanford University)

Children's Bicycle Safety Information (webpage)

(Source: NYS Department of Transportation)

Smart Cycling (videos)

(Source: NYSAMPO, AAA, League of

American Bicyclists, GTSC, NYBC)


Walk/Bike To School

New York State Walk to School (webpage)

(Source: GTSC)

Walk/Bike to School (webpage)

(Source: UNC Highway Safety Research Center)

Investing in Walking, Biking, and Safe Routes to School: A Win for the Bottom Line (document)

(Source: Safe Routes to School National Partnership)

Motorcycle Safety


Educational Materials (various)

(Source: Motorcycle Foundation)

Driver & Passenger Safety


Driver & Passenger Safety Materials (webpage)

(Source: NYS Department of Health)

Design Guidance & Safety


New York City DOT Vision Zero (webpage)

Local Roads Safety (Q &A, tips, videos, books)

Transportation Safety Resources (workshop modules, studies, plans, data)

(Source: NYMTC)

(Source: Cornell Local Roads Program)

(Source: New York City DOT)

Traffic Safety Marketing Campaigns (campaign materials)

(Source: NHTSA)

Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Webinars (videos)

(Source: FHWA/PBIC)

Plans & Reports


Highway Safety Strategic Plan (document)

(Source: GTSC)

Strategic Highway Safety Plan (document)

(Source: NYSDOT)

Traffic Safety Campaigns


Capital Coexist (webpage)

(Source: CDTC)

Watch Out For Me Campaign (various)

(Source: Dutchess County, NY)

New York City Safety Education (various)

(Source: New York City DOT)