The New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NYSAMPO) is a coalition of the fourteen MPOs in New York State, which have committed to work together toward common goals. We are a diverse group of organizations, representing very large, urban areas like New York City as well as small, urban areas like Elmira. Nevertheless, we have common interests and believe that working together on planning and research initiatives can help our organizations provide high quality transportation planning expertise to the public throughout the State.

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About Us

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What does NYSAMPO do?

The Association exists as an information sharing organization. The directors of all fourteen MPOs in the state meet regularly throughout the year, and are joined by planning staff from New York State DOT (NYSDOT), and the Federal Highway and Federal Transit Administrations. By convening, the Association enables each individual MPO to better serve its own region, and to develop and maintain a close working relationship with state and federal partners. In addition, working groups on topics such as safety, bicycle/pedestrian issues, climate change, freight, and transit meet periodically to facilitate sharing of practice and networking among staff of the MPOs and NYSDOT.  Training offered through this program varies from technical to policy topics, such as performance–based planning, public involvement techniques, and GIS. Through information sharing, research and training programs, the Association helps each MPO address state and federal policies and programs.


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