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Regional Transportation System Management and Operations (RTSMO) has become an important part of the transportation planner's vocabulary. It has become increasingly important in metropolitan areas that we manage various elements of the system - freeways, arterial streets, transit operations, port operations - to achieve the greatest efficiency. Techniques range from congestion pricing to incident management.

The Working Group shares strategies on planning for operations, including best practices for the Congestion Management Process that is required by federal law for large MPOs.

The Management and Operations Working Group includes representatives of MPOs, NYSDOT, FHWA, and other partner agencies.

Joseph Bovenzi, GTC, Chair

Andrew Tracy, CDTC, Co-Chair

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Management & Operations Working Group Goals

  1. Knowledge Transfer: Provide a venue for transferring Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) knowledge, experiences, and best practices among members and partners.

  2. Policy Coordination: Provide commentary on Federal and State TSMO and congestion management-related policies, initiatives, and legislation to NYSAMPO Directors Group.

  3. Coordinate Planning Initiatives for Emerging TSMO Issues: Facilitate a uniform planning approach to emerging issues in the TSMO field among New York State MPOs by coordinating TSMO-related initiatives across member agencies.

  4. Long Range Transportation Plans: Support member MPO efforts to integrate TSMO supportive
    commentary and recommendations into their LRTPs.

  5. Congestion Management Process: Support member agency efforts to integrate TSMO-oriented congestion management strategies into their Congestion Management Process, including the use of performance measures to monitor congestion and inform those strategies.

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