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GIS Working Group 

Jason Deshaies, SMTC, Chair

Erin Tylutki, HOCTC, Co-Chair

Jack Mance, A/GFTC

Brian Cohen, BMTS

Leigh McCullen, BMTS

Teresa Lasalle, CRTC

Rebecca Odell, CRTC

Mark Debald, DCTC

Devin Rigolino, DCTC

Tara Grogan, DCTC

Mike Perry, ECTC

Kimberly Smith, GBNRTC

Kathryn Stilwell, GBNRTC

Charlie Rieck, GTC

Chris Tortora, GTC

Jay Lambrix, ITCTC

Leslie Fordjour, NYMTC

Adam Levine, NYMTC

Munnesh Patel, NYMTC

Mukta Ramola, NYMTC Consultant

Obed Varughese, OCTC

Alan Sorensen, OCTC

James D'Agostino, SMTC

Andrew Frasier, SMTC

Robert Leibowitz, UCTC

David Staas, UCTC

Jennifer Docteur, WJCTC

Kevin Hunt, NYSDOT

Mike Rossi, NYSDOT

Korie McAllister, NYSDOT

Zizhao He, NYSDOT

Allison Weber, FHWA-NY

Nicole McGrath, FHWA-NY

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, has become part of the planners' lexicon. It provides a platform to analyze and display data and information spatially. A broad range of data elements are used by planners: land use and natural features, roadway networks and their attributes, transit networks and their attributes, crash records, forecasts from travel demand models, and more.

The GIS Working Group is a profession network for planners and technicians in MPOs and New York State DOT who create and use GIS based information.

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NYSDOT Roadway Inventory System Viewer (RIS Viewer) Webpage

GIS Clearinghouse.png

NYS GIS Clearinghouse Website

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NYSDOT GIS Apps Webpage

GIS Working Group Goals

  1. Knowledge Transfer: Conduct in-person meetings as the primary means for sharing practices and information on opportunities. Supplement or replace in-person meetings with virtual meetings as needed.

  2. Data Collection and Assessment: Identify, compile, and assess spatial data that is useful to MPOs and their member agencies and, to the extent practical, partner organizations.

  3. Coordination: Utilize the Working Group as a forum for coordination with partner organizations to obtain and share data and practices.

  4. Software: Ensure that GIS software applications are consistent across the MPOs in New York State to the greatest extent practical.

  5. Training: Identify training opportunities to improve the technical capabilities of MPO staff.

NYSAMPO 2024-2025 Working Group Work Program

Click the image above to view the current Work Plan

2022 Meeting Minutes

2021 Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2021

2020 Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2020

2019 Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2019

2018 Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2018

2017 Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2017

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November 28, 2016

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December 1, 2015

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May 23, 2014

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