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Transit Working Group 

Mario Colone, SMTC, Chair

Jack ManceA/GFTC

Scott Reigle, BMTS

Carrie Ward, CRTC

Mark Debald, DCTC

Kevin Meindl, ECTC

Courtney Dunn, ECTC

Robert Williams, GTC

Matt Grabau, GBNRTC

Barbara Hauck, HOCTC

Dana Crisino, HOCTC

Fernando DeAragon, ITCTC

Jay Lambrix, ITCTC

Dwight Mengel, Tompkins County

Adam Levine, NYMTC


Jessica Ridgeway, OCTC

Rob Perrington, OCTC

Alan Sorensen, OCTC

Brian Slack, UCTC

Barbara Gerowe, WJCTC

Jennifer Cross-Hodge, WJCTC - Volunteer Transportation Center Inc

Sam Purington, WJCTC - Volunteer Transportation Center Inc

Sara Freda, Jefferson County

Jim Davis, NYSDOT

Tom Vaughan, NYSDOT

Barbara Cadwell, NYSDOT

James Goveia, FTA

Daniel Moser, FTA

MPOs play a role in transit planning, sometimes taking the lead, and in other cases providing assistance to their transit operators. The larger metropolitan areas have regional transit authorities, while transit systems in smaller MPO regions are operated by counties or other local governments.

The Transit Working Group provides a forum for transit planners from MPOs, New York State DOT, and the Federal Transit Administration Region 2 to share information and current practices.


New York State DOT Public Transportation Bureau Webpage

The Subway

 NYPTA Homepage


APTA Homepage

Transit Working Group Goals

  1. Coordinate with other NYSAMPO Working Groups as needed throughout the year.

  2. Monitor New York State and federal legislation and regulations, as applicable, and provide information to the NYSAMPO Directors Group for their knowledge.

  3. Promote coordination of transit planning and programming activities among MPOs, NYSDOT, transit providers, and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) staff.

NYSAMPO 2024-2025 Working Group Work Program

Click the image above to view the current Work Plan

2024 Meeting Minutes

​March 12, 2024

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