Mario Colone, SMTC, Chair

MPOs play a role in transit planning, sometimes taking the lead, and in other cases providing assistance to their transit operators. The larger metropolitan areas have regional transit authorities, while transit systems in smaller MPO regions are operated by counties or other local governments.

The Transit Working Group provides a forum for transit planners from MPOs, New York State DOT, and the Federal Transit Administration Region 2 to share information and current practices.


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Transit Working Group Goals

  1. Coordinate with other NYSAMPO Working Groups as needed throughout the year.

  2. Monitor New York State and federal legislation and regulations, as applicable, and provide input to the NYSAMPO Directors Group for their knowledge and potential action.

  3. Promote coordination of transit planning and programming activities among MPOs, NYSDOT, transit providers, and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) staff.

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2022 Meeting Minutes