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Bicycle & Pedestrian
Working Group 

Emily Dozier, DCTC, Chair

David Staas, UCTC, Co-Chair

Jack ManceA/GFTC 

Scott Reigle, BMTS

Chaim Simon, CRTC

Sandy Misiewicz, CRTC

Tara Grogan, DCTC

Amy Weymouth, GBNRTC

Chris Rieck, GTC

Dana Crisino, HOCTC

Amy Heiderich, HOCTC

Fernando de Aragon, ITCTC

Jay Lambrix, ITCTC

John Simpson, NYMTC  

Alan Sorensen, OCTC

Jessica Ridgeway, OCTC

Danielle Krol, SMTC

Mike Alexander, SMTC

Geoffrey Urda, WJCTC

Peter Dunleavy, NYSDOT

Colleen Smith-Lemmon, NYSDOT 

Meg Webster, NYSDOT 

Korie McAllister, NYSDOT 

John Franchini, NYSDOT 

Valerie Deane, NYSDOT 

Christina Gravelding, NYSDOT 

Julie Baldwin, NYSDOT 

Greg Szewczyk, NYSDOT 

Christopher Church, NYSDOT 

Alexandra Beck, NYSDOT 

Sandra Jobson, NYSDOT 

Susan Pitely, NYSDOT 

Yacob Shenkute, NYSDOT 

Veronika Cetin, NYSDOT

Alec Gellman, NYSDOT 

Beth Watts, NYSDOT

Lisa Ford, NYSDOT

Mary Harding, NYSDOT 

Michael Grant, NYSDOT 

Robert Limoges, NYSDOT 

Karen Lorf, NYSDOT

Sharon Heyboer, NYSDOT

Susan Olsen, NYSDOT

Renee Casler, NYSDOT

Kyle Fellows, NYSDOT

Jennifer Hogan, NYSDOH

Nicole McGrath, FHWA

Dylan Carey, PTNY

Rebecca Murray, PTNY

Leah Golby, NYBC

Anne Savage, NYBC

Travel on foot and by bicycle has become increasingly recognized a a valued part of the urban transportation fabric. When trips made by non-motorized modes replace those made in cars, there are benefits ranging from reduced emissions to reduced congestion to improved health from physical activity. MPOs are looking for ways to promote these modes, and to understand their unique safety needs.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Working Group includes staff of MPOs and NYSDOT, as well as partner agencies such as the NYS Department of Health, New York Bicycling Coalition, and Parks and Trails NY.

man riding bike with backpack

NYSDOT Bicycling in New York State Webpage

Bike Traffic Light

FHWA Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program Webpage

Couple Walking on Urban Sidewalk

NHTSA Pedestrian Safety Program Webpage

NYSAMPO 2024-2025 Working Group Work Program

Click the image above to view the current Work Plan

Bicycle & Pedestrian Working Group Goals

  1. Provide a forum through Working Group meetings and email correspondence to share issues and ideas to help members improve their pedestrian and bicycle planning work.

  2. Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and accessibility by promoting best practices and coordinating with partners on outreach and education.

  3. Support the implementation of Complete Streets by MPOs, NYSDOT, partner agencies, and local jurisdictions.

  4. Collaborate with other NYSAMPO Working Groups, New York State agencies, and partners including the NYSDOT, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC), and NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH); non-profit organizations including the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC), Parks and Trails New York (PTNY); and others to achieve mutual goals.

  5. Track State and Federal legislative and regulatory initiatives related to bicycling and walking, including relevant NYSDOT policies and Engineering Bulletins/Instructions.

2024 Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2024

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