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New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

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The New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NYSAMPO) is a coalition of the fourteen MPOs in New York State, which have committed to working together toward common goals, coordinating with New York State, and identifying best practices. We represent all urban areas in the state from the very large like New York City to the smaller like Elmira. Along with our partners at the state and federal  levels, our work encompasses collaborative discussions on policy direction and funding among MPO directors and senior staff and knowledge building and technology transfer among staff of all experience levels through our eight standing working groups. This improves the ability of MPOs to maximize transportation's contribution to economic development and quality of life in the urban areas of New York State. NYSAMPO is not an advocacy organization nor does it conduct any activities that could be construed as lobbying. 

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New - Click here to view materials from the NYSAMPO Shared Cost Initiative -        Shared-Use Transit Project

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Please check out our NYSAMPO Fact Sheets.

Interested in Safety Education or Creating an ADA Transition Plan? Learn more here.

Check out five bicycle safety education videos made by NYSAMPO in partnership with AAA, LAB, the GTSC, and NYBC. 

What is an MPO?

By federal law, a metropolitan planning organization is designated by the Governor for every urban area with at least 50,000 residents. The MPO devises solutions to regional transportation problems, which involves addressing other important issues such as land use, air quality, energy, economic development and commerce. To do this, the MPO develops a long-range regional transportation plan. The MPO also maintains a short-range program of projects to fund with federal transportation money. For each, the MPO’s duty is to engage many stakeholders, including the general public, in the planning process. By creating a vision for the region in the Plan and by identifying projects and investments that help achieve that vision, the MPO ensures that scarce public funds are spent moving the region towards its planning goals.

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