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Public Transportation in New York State:

The New York State Department of Transportation Public Transportation Bureau is dedicated to providing the riding public and municipalities, public transit operators, and other providers of shared ride services with information on a variety of services and funding opportunities

The New York State Department of Transportation Public Transportation Bureau maintains a Directory of New York State Public Transit Operators. You can access the Directory on the Transit Operators page

The Federal Transportation Administration provides financial and technical assistance to local public transit systems, including buses, subways, light rail, commuter rail, trolleys and ferries. FTA also oversees safety measures and helps develop next-generation technology research.

MPOs play a role in transit planning, sometimes taking the lead, and in other cases providing assistance to their transit operators. The larger metropolitan areas have regional transit authorities, while transit systems in smaller MPO regions are operated by counties or other local governments.

Subway Station


Fixed Route Systems image.PNG

NYSAMPO Fixed Route Systems Fact Sheet

CS Fact Sheet Image.JPG

NYSAMPO Complete Streets Fact Sheet

bike and ped laws fact sheet.JPG

NYSAMPO Pedestrian and Bicycle Laws Fact Sheet

Additional information related to Transit can be found through the following links: 

MPO Project Links

UCAT Bus Fleet Electrification

Connect Mid-Hudson Regional Transit Study

New York State Links

NYSDOT Transit Homepage

NYSDOT Pedestrian Homepage

NYSDOT Complete Streets Homepage

New York Public Transit Association (NYPTA)



National/Federal Links

Federal Transit Agency (FTA)

American Public Transit Association (APTA)

American Public Transit Association (APTA) Bicycle and Transit Integration Guide

COVID/Pandemic Planning Links

APTA COVID 19 Resource Hub

NACTO COVID 19 Resources

FTA National Transit Renewal Resource Portal


Newsletter Sign-Up Links

APTA News: Passenger Transport
NYPTA Tuesday Transit News weekly eNewsletter

Land Use & Transportation Integration Links

VTPI - Online TDM Encyclopedia - Land Use Impacts on Transport

TRB - Final Report Project 25-25

SFMTA - Land Use Development & Transportation Integration

The National Academies Press - Integrated Transportation and Land Use Models

FHWA - Linking Transportation and Land Use

University of Oregon - Planning for Transit-Supportive Development: a Practitioner's Guide (FTA Report #0052)

GIS & Data Links

ESRI Transit Homepage

ESRI Transit Network Analytics Tools

National Transit Database

Transit Electrification Links

UCAT Bus Fleet Electrification

NYSERDA Clean Transportation Program

Oregon DOT: Guide to Transit Electrification

Seattle's Clean Transportation Electrification Blueprint

Transit Resources Toolkit

This page is intended to serve as a Complete Streets information clearinghouse.

The NYSAMPO and our partner agencies work with the public and private sector to stay informed of emerging trends, design concepts and activities taking place across New York State and beyond.

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