The NYSAMPO and it's partner agencies are constantly working with the public and private sector to keep on top of new and emerging technologies and activities taking place in urban areas across New York State and beyond. One such technology or activity that is changing the face of transportation is the development of new micromobility options. As part of the larger "Shared Mobility" (defined as shared use of a vehicle, bicycle, or other mode of transportation) transportation option, micromobility in the form of bike share and scooter share have exploded across the country and world. While bike share is pretty common in urban areas and on college campuses across New York State, scooter share is still an evolving mode in the State.

This resource page is intended to provide general information on micromobility, up-to-date resources/links, and statistics that relate to micromobility as a transportation mode.


Shared mobility has shifted transportation away from a system that is centered on private vehicle ownership to a system of mobility as a service. Typically, shared mobility services like bike share, car share, scooter share, and transportation network companies (such as Uber and Lyft) can be accessed on-demand via a website. The proliferation of smartphones and apps have enabled shared mobility companies to grow rapidly in cities across the U.S, iincluding cities across New York State. Many shared mobility companies started out focused on a single mode and have evolved and expanded to include multiple modes and technologies. More recently, mobility companies and car manufacturers have begun to invest in and text autonomous vehicle technology, which indicates that they are anticipating a future of shared, autonomous mobility. 


The following table lists the larger mobility companies and the modes/services they currently offer. 


New York State provides detailed information on all types of mobility providers across the state including traffic, travel and transit information on the 511NY website (511ny.org) and rideshare information on the 511NYRideshare website (511nyrideshare.org).


Additional information related to micromobility can be found through the following links: 


As of February 2020